Friday, November 2, 2012

Happiness Hit Him Like a Train on a Track

Gomez Addams meets Salvador Dali meets Halloween meets Spiral Prince who reasons he smiles because it is free.


  1. if you are smiling because it is free then that is good. any reason to smile should be taken, used, and thoroughly abused. :)

  2. D even ang pagkalagay ng powder hehe. Tama yan dapat nakasmile lagi.

  3. to liberally paraphrase or just copy/paste... the pencil mustache shifted from being the signifier of urban sophistication (william Powell in The Thin Man) to lounge lizard lechery (Jerome Cowan in The Maltese Falcon). i suspect hitler may have played a part in destroying this once particular expression of facial hair. nevertheless, with your face and its smirk, i see the potential for revival of something other than lounge lizard.