Saturday, July 21, 2012

Disney Princesses: At Seventeen

The applause that rose as the curtains fell was thunderous, but it wasn't for them. One by one, the Princesses curtsied as was their wont and left the stage, all regal and smiling.

Her face forlorn, she asked Esmeralda, "But aren't we Princesses, too?"

Wistful, Esmeralda replied, "Well, what can we do? They're racists? I guess we are, Pocahontas," she bit her lip and continued, "but maybe they don't remember..."

And those of us with ravaged faces 
Lacking in the social graces 
Desperately remained at home

At Seventeen
Janis Ian


  1. Aw!

    Ganun namna ata talaga, yun may magagandang mukha nalang ang una napapansin. Sad but true.

    Now ko lang narinig tong song na to, ang ganda!

  2. Ang sad naman ng story nina Esmeralda and Pocahontas. But, its true. Sometimes the two get neglected because they don't wear ball gowns, and they are living in a damsel in distress peg.

    But I love this, SP. It is really worth the wait. :D