Friday, June 8, 2012

Blown-up Condoms and Pin-up Blues

Little Boy got a balloon for a present.

All day he stared at the red, round thing while keeping a tight grip on the string, his thumb fiddling it to and fro and to and fro and to and fro when chance allowed it.

"Little Boy?" asked Mother.

"Mom?" he answered, never taking his eyes off of his prized red, round, voluminous thing.

"Why do you keep look at your balloon? You have other toys, too."

"Well..." he briefly looked at Mother before continuing, "I was wondering when he'd fly away," he looked at the  door and murmured, "just like everyone else."

David Guetta ft. Sia


  1. Reminded me of a childhood song. Nice one Prince. :D

    1. loool. your comment just reminded me of it.

  2. Cliche tells us that the fear of death is not the same as the love of life. Maybe it applies to love and loss too?

    1. ...let me wrap my head around that, hmmm...

  3. awwww..... :(
    even though he wouldn't let go of that balloon, it would still lose it's helium and end up on the ground.
    ang nega ko lang no? hehe :D