Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tomorrow's Payday

"Tomorrow's Payday"

 I stole to the kitchen,
armed with a spoon
I ghosted past the empty rooms
my spoils were devoured
in three quick mouthfuls
add one or two gulps

 My craving sated, my thirst slaked
 I stole to my room
with a wet spoon

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Songlines: She


She fell from Aegis
as Pallas fled

She wheeled through the air
Rivers became ridges

She saw her Isle
No Stheno, No Euryale

She fell at last
From a lake, a valley bloomed

Beside the bramble
She wept her last

Her star-eyes flared
Dying, pulsating


Her withered head
The wind swept to dust

A desert now
Where a great land was

Monday, June 11, 2012

The World's Biggest Liar

The world's biggest liar
is lying on my bathroom floor,
his arms, he curled around me,
his lips, he whispered
of dreams; of longing; belonging; as he
the walls, they resound
feral and wordless:
                        a snarl
                                   a rasp
shapeless and shameless,
                        I contort beneath his grasp

the salt of his kisses,
the spice of his breath, he
the chain of bruised cairns,
                        they mask
                        the musk of,
his soul, he entered my

his eyes are suns --
                       they blind me
he bared his fangs --
                       he bit me
                       I bled
                       he lead
                       he mustered
and I, he
                       he mastered
                       he forced
I found myself
                       on all fours

he knelt in ascent, and I,
I prostrated in worship

they collided: wordless, noiseless


we trembled

the world's biggest liar,
he laid down on my bathroom floor

he fumbled, he mumbled
he said:

I love you, but you don't pay me

Friday, June 8, 2012

Blown-up Condoms and Pin-up Blues

Little Boy got a balloon for a present.

All day he stared at the red, round thing while keeping a tight grip on the string, his thumb fiddling it to and fro and to and fro and to and fro when chance allowed it.

"Little Boy?" asked Mother.

"Mom?" he answered, never taking his eyes off of his prized red, round, voluminous thing.

"Why do you keep look at your balloon? You have other toys, too."

"Well..." he briefly looked at Mother before continuing, "I was wondering when he'd fly away," he looked at the  door and murmured, "just like everyone else."

David Guetta ft. Sia

Sunday, June 3, 2012

These Days, I

I miss most the jubilant faces that light up in welcome as you arrive, giving you barely half a minute's warning before you topple over from the weight of all the hugs given you, your fall punctuated by the shrill staccato of laughter, of shared memories, of futures.

The illusion hangs before my eyes(dark unless touched by stray sunbeams) for a second, frozen in infinity, irreconcilable with the flux of the present as it is fleeting, like the moon on a pool, rippled away by a droplet, by chance, by the gale winds sung to existence, borne of thousands upon aeons of sibilant butterflies and their velveteen butterfly wings.

Kelly Clarkson
Already Gone