Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Criminal Mind: Free Fall

Cebu City at Night

My life did not fly before my sight as I sped, arms raised skyward while the earth drew nearer, but I found peace. Everything made sense. Each fork in the road; each path taken - they were to prepare me for this very moment. The entire point of living my life was this brief moment of clarity - an illumination that made me see why things fell into place the way they did.

Things could not have gone any other way.

Blurred shapes of men crowned the periphery of my fading vision. Curious onlookers, witnesses, of an end, or an actualization, however you wish to see it.

With the gathering darkness, I sensed, rather than heard, for their voices were on the edges of hearing - I sensed their wonder and the sound of their questions were wraiths I raised from my dim memory.

How could he look so serene?

I was told killing yourself was a crime.

I was wrong to believe them.

Crowned by a halo of my own blood, I mustered one last weak smile as those who pursued me earlier rushed out.



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  1. oh my... very good job, SP! :)

  2. reminds me of an emily dickenson poem. just can't recall which. hey, by the way, citybuoy's hearing is for the Five Senses posts. He jumped ahead.

  3. Sorry about the confusing themes!

    And I love how melodic these phrases are. You should record this. I'd love to hear how it'll turn out.