Thursday, January 19, 2012

Prologue: Vintage Truths

She sauntered her way on our side of the road, towards the direction I came from. Our eyes briefly met, but I honestly wouldn't have noticed her if not for the confidence she exuded as she walked. She commanded attention and she retained it. I smiled inwardly, glad to have met a woman like her after so long. So Vixens aren't wholly gone - one just has to be at the right place at the right time to spot them. I was close to my boarding house, still fawning over the chance encounter when a realization hit me: a pair of shades dangled from her uniform.

In one fluid movement, I turned and started backtracking my route. I starting jogging at first before breaking into a run, one hand clasping air, the other fingering my pocket. I was becoming more and more upset, and here I thought that that day could not have gotten any worse. I silently cursed to myself, which was an effort in itself, given the suddenness of the chase. 

I got back to the internet cafe within minutes and headed to the station I used, panting. It lay beside the monitor with all the faithfulness a pair of vintage Raybans could possibly have. With a sigh of relief, I retrieved the old pair, its familiar coldness welcomed by my hands, its familiar metallic clicks embraced by my ears.

I ate and loitered at a bakeshop after I got out of the cafe, out of breath, body dripping with sweat and my weary mind swimming in circles. Again. These shades were among the last reminders of the life of relative ease I once lived. It was a time when I paid little attention to these things. When similar effects were given to me, I knew how to thank and appreciate of course, but I rarely, if not never, actively asked for them. I have told friends how ironic it was for me to have started being somewhat materialistic only after I lost the means, and the luxury to be one. In response, the Master Jedi told me how we only start clinging onto the familiar only after we've lost it. I have set those words in stone ever since.

I walked home thinking how humbling the experience was. There I was, the boy who hours before, had been lost in thoughts of loss: that of actually losing, and that of never getting the chance of obtaining. I thought of a lost life, of lost friends, of lost voices, of lost time, of lost opportunities, of lost loves, of lost happiness. These filled my head and weighed on my heart. So much so, in fact, that I lived - no, I haunted - the present in a daze as a ghost. I would not even have noticed the loss I was committing myself had I not been shocked back to reality by a dose of positive vibe - of a boldness - that radiated out of a woman, a stranger who knew her strengths.

There is strength in losing. It is knowing what you still have; what can never be taken from you. 

It is a profound place, where all that strength springs from.

It all started with a tweet. And everything snowballed. Suffice to say that the venerable citybuoy, and I agreed on one thing: to write ten consecutive posts about happiness. Dahil nakakapagod na rin mag-emo diba, Nyl?! And remember, one emo post will yield us both five more happy posts. Merci.

Two other bloggers, who are still busy, might join along the way as well.

The Emo Blogger's Happy Blogging Challenge:
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  1. i always thought we had a lot in common but i didn't expect that we had this much. when i was in high school, we lost everything and it was crazy to come to grips with looking for things you never appreciated before. anyway, master jedi hit the nail right on the head. let's have t-shirts printed with his words. :)

    and i'll update my post to prologue our challenge. i'm so excited! :)

  2. I want in! I want in on the happy, happy, joy, joy! (Who's old enough to remember Ren and Stimpy?)

    Great post, btw, SP. Did this happen near TC? (Tell me if I'm remembering incorrectly where you go to school.)

    I was about to 'tag' citibuoy in this comment 'til I realized this isn't Facebook. My brain is a fried egg.

    Anyway. I want in!

  3. Hey, SP!

    Here's the fb group for the challenge: (will delete this comment after we add you :) ) We need to organize the challenge, heh. We've themes set-up already. :) We just need to add you there. See you!

  4. Okay, gotta start proper replies now!

    Grabe, Nyl. Hahaha. This is really is it!

    And yes, SP. This happened right across TC. I hope you read the comments quick. We're gonna be bloggers on a roll. :D

    We're so perky, no? Lezzdothis.

  5. Wow. Dude, your writing style is freaking awesome. Seriously. :)