Saturday, December 10, 2011

An Open Letter


Dear Future Polaroid Cam,

Daily I endure the pleading days pregnant with waiting. Each day is a living lesson of patience; each night is an excercise of hope. The seasons are mute witnesses of the resilient fondness I have kept, and nurtured, through their passing. Someday, when my labors have borne their fruits, I shall set out of my barrow to finally claim you. Our meeting was inevitable and our reunion is in the offing. 

Soon, we will bear witness to the harmony of my smiles and your whirrs as our dreams take flight on dandelion wings.

With my love,


  1. Guess Instagram isn't enough? lol Good luck on the polaroid. I'm sure you'll do wonderful things with it. :p

  2. If only I had an iphone, Nyl, if only~