Friday, December 9, 2011


Michael König's video montage of the Earth seen from 240,000 miles up. He used 18 time-lapse sequences of photographs shot from the International Space Station.

The world is just beautiful.


  1. If only we could afford to go up there as well no?

  2. ang gandaaah! yung mga green something aurora ba yun? or flubber? haha. gusto ko maging astronaut!!!!!

  3. I like the part with the aurora and also the lightnings... kewl!

  4. parang diablo ang dating...choy kaayo!:D

  5. Well that was quite a treat. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm loving the theme in your blog lately. Stay happy. :)

  6. Kuya Joms, that's what I was thinking, too. Let's hope humankind as a whole advances to a point where start co-existing with all living things so we don't lose what we have now - we've already lost a lot. The future generations will be very, very lucky if it happens.

    Ron - adik na adik ako sa mga auroras! Misyon kong makakita ng auroras kahit isang beses lang sa buhay ko.

    Wuf - the earth looks very much alive, noh? There's a lot of dynamic beautiful things going on that one viewing isn't enough to notice and appreciate everything!

    My dear sneaky Indiboi, welcome back! Di ko masyadong kabisado ang Diablo eh, Final Fantasy lang. Para siyang Lifestream sa Final Fantasy VII.

    You're welcome, Nyl. And thank you. :)


    I'm no impostor, re: previous post. ;)