Friday, December 2, 2011

Boys: Pick-up Lines II

Previously: Clit
                 Boys: Pick-up Lines I

I was by the bar just as everyone was getting into the mood. It wasn't quite the revelry that it would be hours later, but it was sure to get there. By then, I was absent-mindedly moving my head to the beat of the music and subtly swaying my body while I alternated between looking around and drinking. Without warning, a guy to my left turned to talk to me.

"Hi. May I know the time?"

I looked at him in surprise. It was the first time someone actually spoke to me. The closest thing before involved me having to wiggle, politely, out of someone's arms as they gyrated dangerously close. 
I was ambushed yet again. But although it seemed cute and promising this time, all I did was raise my left arm to indicate the watch on my wrist - the very thing I do with friends.

He blinked in confusion as he looked at the watch hovering inches from his face. I would've confused myself, too. To make up for it, I smiled, withdrew my hand, checked my watch and then told him the time.

"It's around one-fifty," I said while I looked him in the eye. He was attractive, gifted with piercing eyes and a nose bridge a lot of other men and women would pay thousands for., but most of all - he was taller than I was. That was always a plus. He was around my age. That was a first - older guys tend to mingle with me more than those my age. I suppose his smile was cute. It made for a fine contrast against the coy one I had then.

"Ah---" he stalled, flashing that awkward smile again. I took a swig of Tanduay Ice - my favorite companion on these solo-flights - to let him gather his thoughts. I hoped that fixing him with what I hoped to be an artfully seductive stare while he was grasping for words would make things a bit more interesting.

"--ahh, okay. I'm Oscar." He extended a hand. Now that surprised me. I was thinking he'd withhold his name until the most opportune moment, but here he was, smiling like some kid in a carnival. I wondered what that made me - was I one of the freaks or was I  one of reasonably normal - and enchanting - attractions?

"Oh." I deliberated for a second before deciding to return the favor. 

"You're cute, Oscar. I'm Spiral," I told him as I shook his hand. The beginnings of a wonderful fancy were forming inside my head then, expecting something interesting out of this experience, but things flipped over without warning.

"Thanks, Spiral," he said while shaking my hand a second or two too long. I looked on expectantly, remembering to blink my eyes just enough and at the right moments, while he scratched his head, floundering for words.

He looked over his peers, most of whom were sitting at a table just behind him - they were just as lost as he was, from what I could tell; his female friends were clearly new to this -, when his eyes lit up. He must've stumbled upon a brilliant idea to keep the conversation flowing. It was all too apparent. I was then decidedly confused when he fished the guy to his left, the very same guy who had been eying us both earlier, brought him over between us and flashed a smile that showed off his perfect set of teeth.

"This is Tom," he indicated the guy between us, patting Tom's shoulder's lightly. 
Now I was at a loss.

"...err...hi, Tom." I raised my hand in greeting.

"Hello..." he mumbled back and he half-heartedly raised his hand as well.

Remember the beginnings of a wonderful fancy that were forming in my head? They fizzled out with the finality of a full stop. I guess they were embarrassed and drifted off wordlessly several minutes later. I didn't mind it much. It was more funny than frustrating. Oscar, in all his boyishness, was admittedly cute, and his 'friendly' interjection was hilarious, but what it all really did was make me wish I brought friends along with me. Having to sway like a princeling coconut tree by my lonesome becomes too boring and repetitive. The presence of friends would have made for a nice change of pace.
To help me remember the funny exchange, I texted a few people about what happened, and I got colorful responses, which sparked just as colorful conversations the next day.

"Isa na namang: 'friend' na sana, naging bato pa."(Yet another would-have-been-friend!)

"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Blame the maldito-eyes and maldito-smile, Spiral!"

"Spiral Dearest, with boys and with anything else: you win some, you lose some."

"Look at this way, Spiral: apply what you learned the next time you party."

"Boys will be boys, Spiral. There will be more bloopers."


  1. Another week, another lesson. As a clubber might say.

  2. LOF: what kind of reaction is that? hahahaha

    G: exactly, kuya. Exactly. ;)

  3. "Spiral Dearest, with boys and with anything else: you win some, you lose some."

    i have a good guess kung sino may sabi nito. haha.

  4. At talagang confident ka sa guess na yan, Jap, ha?! :P