Thursday, October 27, 2011

Five A.M. Laugh Trips


You must be very special to Chris, for him to bring you here in my house without asking permission.

Pakinggan mo na lang yung sasabihin ng bata.
Shush. Just listen to what the kid has to say.

Why? What happened?

I'm ugly.

Hey, you have no right to say that. Beauty is relative.

That's the point.

Oh my gosh. Tama nga si Chris - may problema ka nga.
Chris was correct when he said you had a problem.

Stylist ka  ba o fashion designer?
Are you a stylist or a fashion designer? 

Ha! Am I a stylist, Chris?

Mhmm. Not too flamboyant, alright?

Wala akong allowance para sa damit eh.
But I have no budget for clothes.

Don't worry, darling I'm rich, and you are an emergency.
This is something for the community.


Apparently, Bath House(2005) is loaded with enjoyable satirical takes on otherwise somber issues and scenarios in the gay community. The movie has its moments despite the many snags such as lackadaisical acting by some characters, among other things. See, that's the only comment I'm gonna make and I'll not pass judgement on cinematography(although it certainly didn't blow my breath away) since I'm not an expert on the matter. I'm currently thirty-seven minutes and twenty-one seconds into the film and I look forward to how this plays out. I just had to blog that particular funny exchange, which made my morning and succeeded in taking my mind off of things that have been bothering for the past two days. Now I'm in a good mindset to take on the challenges I'll be facing later today, as I'll be helping friends and batchmates from UP's Kadugong Bol-anon put together their activities later. It'll feel good to be productive!


  1. haha, sanse! namiss ko ikaw! at ang mga usapan natin na merong theories of relativity. favorite line natin yan eh. *insert noun/adjective here* is relative.

    haha. :)

  2. Ditseeeee! nako, ako rin. miss na rin kita! hahaha. Yung last two lines ng convo na yan, panalong panalo talaga, diba?! hahahaha. talagang natawa ako. And yes, *something-something* is relative!

  3. I remember seeing this movie. Terrible! lol