Monday, October 3, 2011

Being Tyler Durden

Tyler Durden, Oh yeah.

Last Saturday dawn, I was asked by my high school teachers to help them with an event at school. I had to oblige, besides, I had nothing else to do while I festered here in Bohol. It felt good to feel alive at the prospect of going back there to share something I was good at: computers and speaking in front of an audience. 

I was in a good enough mood that I showered at four in the morning, and then again a few hours before leaving for school. None of the current students were there when I still went to school. No one knew me, save for my siblings, and the younger siblings of the school mates I knew and who knew me. My high school teacher, thesis and club adviser, and mentor asked me to judge two contests: business project proposal and power presentation for the school-based STEP conference. I was the school, and subsequently the city's representative for the regional division contest for powerpoint presentation back in my senior year(2008). As for the business project proposal, I only knew the basics, not the technicalities, and so I focused on the proposal part of the contest when I judged the students. 

It felt empowering to sit there with my old teachers as equals to judge the young blood, but more than that, it felt good to share to the students my experience and general guidelines, as well as several tips and tricks when it comes to presenting an idea or something else in public. I was decidedly in my element then. One can say that I have a flair for voicing out an idea, and well, public speaking in general. 

Expression, in its several forms, shall always be a passion for me: very few things can compare to the thrill you get from presenting something abstract and getting yourself understood and subsequently appreciated by your audience. It's as the Master Jedi said:"I am not a teacher. I am a rockstar." It's all a stage, and you have to own it. I owned it then. I always had this suspicion that I had an ability to teach well, or at least make myself understood effectively in a way that does not breach individual sensibilities. When I taught Junior Physics in my senior year for teacher's day, I got a positive feedback from teachers and students alike. My siblings and teachers told me last Saturday that the feedback from the participants was good and that the general opinion was that I was effective as a speaker, a teacher, and a judge. Heck, my siblings told me their classmates thought I was cool. It felt refreshing to do that stint. It reminded me of a brief thought a few months back: I thought of the possibility of teaching Art after college, aside from actively pursuing art as a career. I don't know. It might be wishful thinking, but I do know that it does seem more tangible than my old delusions. At least I am sure that this is something that I conceived on my own - not a dream or idea dropped at my lap by someone else. It feels me. I felt as bad-ass as Tyler Durden in a good way. 

Maybe, just maybe, I was meant to be a cool teacher, among other cool things.


  1. Why not try it then? There's a high, I guarantee, whenever you impart something significant, something you see as life-changing, and you see eyes looking at you intently, somehow thanking you for articulating it.

  2. Hi Manech! It's a hunch I had since I was in elementary. I stayed away from it because I did not want to be placed at position that could potentially make me the subject of ridicule among children. Hahahaha. I am sensitive. I dunno about it now. I'll see how things work out.

    Hi, LOF! What is that smiley for? :)

  3. You should try it. haha I think there's nothing like getting paid to talk about something you're good at. In fact, it's what I miss the most about my last job. :)

  4. I want teaching to be a sideline, Nyl. You see, the Master Jedi himself is a lawyer by profession but he teaches Political Science subjects as a sideline. I want it to be a source of something less material and more intangible yet good and rewarding. It's why I won't be taking up Education as a course. Hahahaha. I'll only take the subjects required to qualify as a teacher. Anyway, this is all in five to ten years in the future. It's that long but I do hope this gets realized. Haaaay. Napaspeech ako dun! Passion na talaga ito! hahahahaha:)

  5. Would've been so much cooler if you ended with I thank you! lol

    I think it's a brilliant plan. I, myself studied Education. Earned my degree and all that foshizzle. But in the end, the BPO industry swallowed me whole. haha Happy parin naman since I get to teach. The lesson I learned is there's not one way to follow your passion, in this case teach so forge ahead. :)