Friday, September 23, 2011

Transcript VIII: Jedi and Padawan Bloopers

My best friend is giving me his entire set of film slr for free.

Build a darkroom asap.

I'll try film - old school approach.

You'll figure it out.

I'm sure it's easier than math.

How are you gonna upload your shots?

I'll take photos of the negatives.


Good nutrition has given me intellect but not length of bone.

That just made me laugh.
And I've told you before: height isn't everything, Obi.
But it does help from time to time.

So, yesterday was teacher evaluation day.

How bad did you do?

My students answered this on the comment card:
Strong Points of the teacher.
They wrote, "sexy."

Hay nako(I'm not surprised).

Whatever gave them that idea.

I'm pretty sure you did.
You claim to be such a lot.

Ah, impressionable young minds.

What did they write in the weak points portion?

I dunno, they usually say i scare them and shit.

They find you sexy and scary.
Not surprised.
I imagine one of them's a joke.

Rain more on my parade, will you? Haha.

What sort of monster are you?
I suppose you're a vampire.

I dunno.

Lestat? Armand?

You can be Lestat.

I'm Renfield, lolz.
He was a lawyer

I need to read more Anne Rice.
So, which vampire am I???

Not Anne Rice - Bram Stoker.

Ahhh. I haven't read a Stoker yet.
Will take note of that.
Which vampire am I, though?

Victor of Underworld.

Damn you.
I have the right to be young and sexy!

Whatever you say, Spiral. Haha.


  1. I'm loving the Hannibal reference. haha

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm starting to get the impression that you're sort of into the Jedi. Yes? No?

  2. He's the one into them, Nyl. He just told me out of the blue one day that he'll consider me his Padawan and that I should be honoured to have a sexy Jedi Master. Talk about vain, huh? Haha

  3. And who is "them?" lol He does sound kinda vain but that's what makes him more interesting. I find that it's the vain, over-achieving ones that are real mushy and fragile and shit inside. lol

  4. Them being the Jedi. He's a Star Wars fan. The overt vanity is actually an act, though. He's sentimental and emotional as shit. He just likes to play it cool because according to him, he has a "fashionably sensitive but too cool to care" reputation to maintain. haha.

  5. Oh-kaaayyy, I'm convinced. He's perfect. Anyone who can make Hannibal references and then transition to Jewel is good in my book. ;)