Friday, September 16, 2011


The better piece, aged and peeled.
Circa 2010.
I was in sixth grade. It was a project in art class. I thought I could pull it off. I assumed I could call upon a skill barely used over the last three years with ease. I birthed a disaster. It was a mockery of my incompetence. My brush strokes were a mess. It looked flat - the shades were barely there. It was without life. 

The classmates liked it. The teacher appreciated the attempt. I knew deep down it wasn't what I visualized. I screwed up, like I always have. My skill at execution barely allows me to achieve my vision. The better piece made during third grade endures, the other one is now lost.

The Universe's lesson is this: bleed out and practice.


  1. So it's not like biking where you get on and then it all comes back to you?

  2. To an extent, it is, but unused bikes get rusty, and when that's the only bike you'll ever had, you're screwed. :)

  3. At least you know how to make it look like a bird.