Friday, September 30, 2011

Poached Eggs

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My first attempt at cooking poached eggs was a failure. Oversight due to a tiredness and four am judgments do not help at all. It was fun, though. I tried to emulate the boil-water-then-stir-then-drop-the-eggs-in method I saw on Masterchef. The attempt was shoddy and half-hearted. I shall try another day.


  1. boil-water-then-stir-then-drop-the-egg-in

    if that's what a poached egg is, then I was one at work today

  2. mag sunny side up na lang kasi.... my favorite! lalo na yung malasado! waw! eeeeeeeeee

  3. What happened, Kuya Sean? *pat*

    Nako Ron, sabaw kasi yung utak ko nun kaya nag experiment ako. hahaha.

  4. Try putting a bit of vinegar in the water, and the stirring doesn't have to be too fast. I find the vinegar helpful in preventing the egg from breaking. You can also pre-poach the egg - cracking the egg, dipping it into the simmering water, pull out and cold-shock it, then finally crack it into the water. :)