Monday, August 8, 2011

Precognition I

I write of you many times, you wonderful enigma of my existence, and yet, I never have written anything to you. Despite my late realizations, I can never say that you weren't there for me. You were always there, I was just terribly slow in piecing things together.

Thank you, dear friend, Precognition. Do excuse the fact that this post is borne of another late realization, still, the delay is in no way correlated with my gratitude, which is as a bountiful spring from the well of my being. One day, I shall learn how to recognize you, and shall thus be mindful of your signs, and be more adept at deciphering them.

Thank you.

Laura Jansen - Use Somebody


  1. We all thank you, precognition. :)

    I always write about something/someone but I haven't written anything for something/someone yet. (at least, on my blog)