Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Eccenticity I

You sit back-straight, arms folded across your breast, right leg bent in, left leg stretched out. You watch your glass-twin tilt his head to the right as you tilt yours to the left. It's strange, how mirrors both reflect the truth and the reverse, not necessarily the opposite, of the truth. You maintain that posture, lost in your thoughts.

It's strange how the words of a stranger, found unlooked for, can cause you to instrospect.

"Under market. Over deliver."

Brandon Flowers - Magdalena


  1. but that stranger may have only caught a fleeting glance of you when the light was different on exactly that fraction of a second.

  2. thankfully, kuya, i discussed this with a good friend. the spell of over-thinking has been broken. there are things i have to learn, and things i have to constantly keep in mind. :)