Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Cinderella

circa 2010

It's that Friday spell again. 
I should like company.
Perhaps I should drown myself in the happy Mango place.
Or take a dip in brine chlorine.
Or idle under the stars.
No stars shine above this place.
And friends are upon distant shores.
The answer is clear, then.


  1. Cool pic! Takes me back when my ABS-CBN Batch mates would do night swimming in our friend's house after training sessions. Those were the days when everything was still relaxed. Now we're all consumed by work. Share lang.
    Hope the answer would be clear again soon.

  2. Spiral Prince, how transient can emotions be, right? So now you drown yourself, immerse your whole body, and suffocate your soul into the depths of that club in Mango Avenue.

    But you know when the sun rises, reality sinks in again...

  3. desole boy: we had get-aways like that! we'd go to a beach or some other place just to relax. :) thanks for sharing pala!

    ron: it was, but something fun happened hours after this post. :)

    guyrony: kuya g! hay nako, i know the feeling! and i never went to mango avenue that night. unexpected people came to my 'rescue' and the fun that ensued was absolutely priceless! sometimes we just have to roll with the blows, noh? some unexpected people will help keep us on our toes. ahhh..friendship :)

  4. And I thought another set of people will keep you on your toes...or knees. ;)