Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boys: Pick-up Lines I

Previously: Clit

A few weeks ago I went to the same club for the third time. It was quite interesting, seeing as I seem to have gotten slightly used to the sights and sounds, and I felt less of an island in a sea of  jovial people. Just two weeks earlier, we partied together with Sieg in the same venue. I recall we met up at three in the morning. I went to the place at around two, one and a half hour later than when I first came there. I was slightly worried about the place emptying out by four in the morning, so I decided to be an early bird, despite the assurance of the Fairy Godmother, whose words proved ultimately proved true.  

This time, I got there earlier than I did during my second visit. The Fairy Godmother, who was with me on my previous visit, jokingly chided me for this. The absence of the Fairy Godmother during my last excursion gave me cause to settle down earlier within the floor, besides, I wanted to be spared from the awkward stares I'd otherwise get if I arrived there alone while the party is on its way to waxing full.

"I'm already here," I told the Fairy Godmother through text.

"Goodness, one a.m.'s still too early, Spiral!"

"Ah, well. You know Cebu, besides, I'd rather get settled in my own spot sooner than later."

"Oh, well. If you insist."

"Don't worry. There are a lot of people here already. The party just started."

"Alright. Enjoy yourself. I'll be heading out with friends later."

"You, too. Dress up and be dashing!"

I was by the bar just as everyone was getting into the mood. It wasn't quite the revelry that it would be hours later, but it was sure to get there. By then, I was absent-mindedly moving my head to the beat of the music and subtly swaying my body while I alternated between looking around and drinking. Without warning, a guy to my left turned to talk to me.

"Hi. May I know the time?"