Friday, August 12, 2011

Boys: Interlude

Fun Fact:

I have never dated anyone. Ever.
Unless you count the high school blind dates I got ganged up into doing during Fun Day.
Those were with girls, too.

Anyway, it's Friday and I'm idling in an internet cafe. I pine for the company of my friends and for Casa Verde's Death by Chocolate, which Pig Gautama introduced to me months back. 
Maybe I should drag a highschool friend to an impromptu dinner, since she told me she wanted to go out on weekends.

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Now I wonder: how would chocolate taste when paired with Cebu's siomai sa tisa?

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Perhaps I ought to go out.


  1. ingat! haha. ano nga kayang lasa? tilawi then i-blog ug usab. haha :D

  2. ask someone out. nothing to lose.

    and the cake looks yummy.:)

  3. agree with gillboard and charles. and the cake and siomai made me salivate.

  4. ah, dating shall always be alien to me. hahaha