Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Before the precipice of defeat.
A boundless chasm yawns before you, its maw darker than the endless expanse of sky above. The emptiness all around is suffocating and absolute, rendering all else moot. As if in defiance of the void, a faint shimmer pulsates bleakly at erratic intervals, not unlike the ghost of dying embers before they burn out.
You see no available exits.


  1. Is this a slice of something greater? Encore: more, more. :)

    this new layout is very clean.

  2. thanks, green! i doubt this is a slice of something 'greater,' though, hahaha. ewan! we shall see.

  3. I've noticed a lot of bloggers are into poetry these days. I wish I still have my mojo.

  4. ah, but kuya joms, i guess the next posts will explain. i personally don't think this entry counts as poetry, or prose poetry, but now that you mention it, i guess it can be one. :)