Thursday, July 14, 2011


I will make a beautiful portrait of you.

We touched, we almost touched. Our fingers were as close as they could get, but like our kisses, they were divided by a veil of coldness none can pass. He stroked my cheek, he almost did. I shivered and leaned in answer, as if I could feel the warmth that could not pass the veil. He traced designs on my face, they almost existed. Those things shall ever flower unseen, they cannot pierce the veil.

There are nights when our trysting places changed. We reached out to each other with a yearning from depths of the pits of our being, and we almost succeeded. The landscape changes with each meeting under the crossed stars, but we keep returning to the same place, longing for the same thing.

I will make a beautiful portrait of you.

In another time, we are ensconced by the forest, but we are filled with the same yearning. They cursed us. Does the same curse live on? Now I am a prisoner of light, and I risk succumbing to the blight, but we are fueled by the same desire. Shall our arms remain forever extended until all life is spent once more?

His butterflies kissed my neck, and the rest of me, but alas the veil. He cannot pierce it. I cannot pierce it. No man can pierce it. We live with and die from the same consuming need. He cups my chin and his hand finds my chest, but I alone tug my glance towards him, and he cannot feel the life thrumming within me. Woe be to the veil.

I will make a beautiful portrait of you.

Tonight we found what Pyramus and Thisbe never found, and we shall use it. We shall ensconce ourselves tonight. I recall the old days upon the throne of Macedon as I recline upon a humble seat now. I tilt my head as my body gives form to the feelings that have always flowed beneath me. My skin shall glow and my eyes will glimmer and my being shall take on the fullness of life.

A press of finger, a whir of a shutter, and we are united.

He will make a beautiful portrait of me.

Pygmalion, Galatea, this is our way.

Send our love to Aphrodite.



  1. i hate to believe this is real but half of me says it is, the fact that you wrote it this way. perhaps those 'almosts' and 'veils' are part of the reality, sad but true.

    beautiful representation, indeed.

  2. beautiful.. just beautiful..