Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Realizations: Inn-keeping

When it comes to friendship, we cannot always insist that others should find time for us. They will come, and they will go. What matters is whether or not our lives and our hearts are still open to them on the rare times we get to be together. We should be as an inn - comfortable, cozy, and relaxing, even when filled with guests or otherwise.

Today, I perceived the importance of learning to stand on my own two feet, alone, or in the presence of those who matter. I have grown, no matter how infinitesimally small.


  1. "blessed are the friends who do not forget."

    that was my fb status a few days ago...

  2. Long time friends, often never matter time. For them, the bonds are eternal. :)

  3. Sometimes, it is better to think that you have no friends, and be surprised that they are just there, looking at your progress, waiting for the right time to appear and help. :)