Friday, July 8, 2011



I spoke with the Fairy Godmother recently about quite a number of things. You already have an idea of what we discussed, don't you? Anyway, I wasn't surprised when the conversation turned to writing, mine and that in general. The conversation became more candid as I shared things few people, except you, of course, can attest to know. It was relief to relax and not be walled in. 

I suppose I'm becoming more open when it comes to who I am. No, I'm not talking about being gay. Please, you know that I know that ever since I was three. I'm talking about that which lurks beneath. Pah. I'm becoming like that again. As I was saying, we talked about writing. One thing surprised me during the course of that discussion. You see, for a brief moment, the Fairy Godmother echoed Pig Gautama's exact words. The Fairy Godmother also gave the same advice as Pig: cut things down, get deeper, and use conversations. The Godmother explained further that when I write, I show things instead of telling them.

You know that already, don't you?

I assume you also know how the scenes I paint are static. The Godmother said I needed to make my writings come alive. You know, that made me realize that that was the lesson Pig left quiet, probably in hope that I could figure it out in time. It got me thinking, Pete, and you, of all people, know how I am when I think. 

Yes, Pete. I figured it out.

You know how I'm used to being isolated and not being to share things to anyone, right? I guess that one of the biggest reasons why I write that way. When you live that way, see, you become skilled at taking it all in: sights, sound, and everything else. Writing stories and getting your tale across using conversations become alien. You see, the difference between showing and telling is that when you reveal scenes to people through imagery, you hope to evoke specific feelings from so large a pool. It's not much different from drawing sad images on a blown balloon's surface and expect to get reactions from what you present. When you tell stories, it's like presenting a balloon drawn with things that are hard to discern, and expect people to blow that balloon up themselves so they can understand what things there are to understand. 

It's a matter of subtlety and self-discovery for the author and the audience, respectively, I think. I'm not sure if I used the proper analogies, but that's how I see them. Anyway, I promised the Fairy Godmother one thing: I'll learn how to write that way. You see, it will help me in the long run, because that means with which I learn it shall be through real conversations with real people - the friends I've yet to meet. Yes, I hope to find friends, too. They're out there, Pete, I know it. An unintentional bump, a book, a shared lighter, an exchange of smiles - these things, and who knows what else, will lead me to them.

I'm writing to let you know that I'm healing, Pete. I'll become a better person. I'll become a fulfilled person. I'll grow in age and wisdom and in gratitude.

I will chase my dreams.



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  1. So this is what that thing on Twitter was all about.

    "Yes, I hope to find friends, too. They're out there, Pete, I know it. An unintentional bump, a book, a shared lighter, an exchange of smiles - these things, and who knows what else, will lead me to them"

    Sometimes, friends can be the harshest critics. As long as matibay talaga yung foundation niyo. It's fun to bounce ideas off of friends. You'd be surprised at the ideas that come out, the ones you let go of and the ones you keep despite what they say. lol

    Ang layo mo kasi. lol Masaya ka siguro kaworkshop. ;p

  2. @spiral: i can sooo relate.. there were a lot of good points here.. i might as well jot them down.. nice post!

  3. The song in your previous post was playing when I read this. I think, that just for a moment, I became you.

    I was the guy who lost love; sad, lonely, and yet hopeful.

    You'll become a better person, Spiral. You'll become a fulfilled person. You'll grow in age and wisdom and in gratitude.

    You will chase your dreams.

    You will reach them.


  4. Whenever I'm in a place like this, I would hate it when people tell me "oh you're young, the right time will come for this and that etc. etc." I know you know what I'm saying. So I won't tell you that. Instead, I say be brave. Because there are hell lot more to come, I promise.
    I smiled at your last words. I suggest you read "The Neverending Story." Patricia Evangelista introduced it to me (well, not directly) but since then, I've been collecting dreams to chase.
    You'll go far Young Prince.