Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Old and New Flames

The Fairy Godmother told me something about the Fae Consort(the Fairy Godmother's) and his latest work themed around a choice between burning and breaking. It got me thinking as I walked home tonight. Like the Consort, I choose to burn, to be consumed by and within it all until I am utterly spent, and transformed. Breaking is a physical change, burning is chemical. What is broken, remains, for all extents and purposes, remains broken. You can never put it back into what it was and expect it to be as good as before. That broken bottle can never contain what milk it spilled again. Burning, on the other hand, is transformative. When something burns, a good portion of what it was would always be transformed to soot. It becomes Carbon - the building block of organic compounds. Soot is black, ugly, and impure, but it is made of the same stuff as graphite, as diamonds. 

What then does this tell us?

Diamonds form under extreme heat and pressure. Soot forms almost always readily as long as things burn. Both are fruits of complete surrender to heat, to transformation. What we go through might consume us and it may burn, but it is essential for us to reach a point in our lives where we can claim to be as diamonds: brilliant, stunning, priceless. We should submit to the purifying fires so that we may be transformed. Flames will always hurt us, but do we not look for warmth from the very same flames that can spell our deaths?  Do not empty yourself of everything. Combust. Breathe in and take it all - and surrender to the pyre and be transformed. Let every hurt be consumed until everything is made anew.

Do not break yourself. Even forest fires are part of the Nature's cycles. Out of the ashes which sow the earth rich with experience and knowledge shall sprout the green shoots of hope.

Choose to burn and be transformed for the better. Do not break yourself.


Errent ainsi, cher ami, Vous.


  1. trial by fire, birth by flame. the cat is curious.


  2. as the song goes, i want you to burn, burn for me baby, like a candle in the my night.Be anyone you want to be, la la la. Life is a test of endurance, and it takes a lot of patience and strength for you to become a diamond.

  3. And how you just transform yourself into one burning and shining boy inside Doce.


  4. Alter, meow! Rebirth by flame!

    Kuyakoy, nako, you just reminded me of that song. Thanks. :)

    And G! OMG. Did the Fairy Godmother tell you about that night?! What about the eye-brow arching that surprised the Fairy Godmother?! hahahaha. Come by sometime! :)

  5. Loving the analogy! got my thinkingh long and hard about the old and new flames in my life.

    You are right.

    Whats broken can't be fixed but maybe I can raise, a Pheonix from the ashes