Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Precipice

"Kelter up," chided the Fairy Godmother as my sleeves were being rolled up.

"Always leave this unbuttoned," continued the Fairy Godmother and the first buttons found themselves unclasped.

Sieg unslicked my hair and ruffled it lightly with his hand. The Fairy Godmother followed suit saying, "yes, Sieg's right," and ruffled it into place. They both stepped back, unmindful of the crowd around us and appraised their improvisations.

"There, much better."

"You look so straight in your polo. Wear stripes, and form-fitting ones, Spiral. Kelter up," the Fairy Godmother told me with a smile.

"All my party clothes are in Bohol. I only brought with me one set and I used it last week," I explained and continued, "I mostly took shirts with me. I wasn't expecting to use what I left behind."

"But it seems that's about to change!" I happily finished.

"Kelter up, alright, Spiral?" Then Fairy Godmother's eyes were positively glowing, albeit in a rougish way.

The three of us laughed. Sieg went off to see some folks while the Fairy Godmother got us drinks. We headed back to our spot afterwards. The Fairy Godmother took another look at me and asked, "Why are you carrying a bag?"

"I'm used to bringing a bag since I was young - sling bags, backpacks, knapsacks - I'm used to bringing one with me wherever."

"I see," said the Fairy Godmother as I finished.

"I can lose the bag, though!" I cheerfully told the Fairy Godmother, who smiled.

"That's perfect."

"But of course!" I agreed.

"By the way, I need to tell you something," I told the Fairy Godmother, who looked at me inquiringly. I moved in and whispered it to him so he could hear me over the sounds.

"Oh my goodness. For real?"


"I've been meaning to write about it for quite a while, but we'll see," I looked at the Fairy Godmother as I said so, understanding bridging our respective gaze which met each other.

"By all means, do so, but be prepared - you know what it might spell."

"Yeah, that's one thing that's holding me back," I said, seriousness coloring my voice.

"I know. And you're such a demure girl, well prince." Concern ghosted the Fairy Godmother's face.

"Ah, but I can be a mean girl, well, prince, too," I locked eyes with the Fairy Godmother, arched my eyebrows and gazed condescendingly at the empty air to my left.

Surprise was all over the Fairy Godmother's face.

"OMG. You have it in you!"

"I know, right? It's there, swimming beneath the surface!"

We looked at each other again and laughed heartily, as dear peers. The ice was broken.

It was a long night, and not unlike all good things, it was never enough.


Ahh, Spiral, I feel like this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship.

I hope so, too.
Thank you.


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  1. nagmamaganda si pogi! hihi.

    and I could only guess what that was. :D