Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Glass II

-Padawan Crossing


 Maybe you're like a dolphin - you always have a smile.
I was uncertain about your expression, though.
What about it?

It was distant, like the sunset.
You are not quite sure if you should be happy because of its beauty.
Or if you should be sad. The sunset is the fading of the day after all.


"Your smile would be a good thing to dream of..."

 The familiar words waft up to your ears again. A different face. A different place. A different time. A different smile.


"Your eyes are have a faraway look to them. They remind me of being upon a hill's crest, or atop a lone tower upon lofty cliffs where it is not uncommon to look toward the horizon, waiting, for things that may or may not come."

"You see the sunrise and the sunset, the moonrise and the moonset, the shifting stars and their constellations. You see a hundred comets fly. You hear the sea birds and their cry. You feel the soft breeze and the gale's caress. You perceive the tides and bathe in the spray. You draw images in the clouds..."

A deep sigh.
"...the green and the mauve and the twilight whisper secrets to you. You hear the world's song from beneath the ground. You dance to the seasons. You understand the patient stone ,the serene felled trunks, and the graceful driftwood. You see. You know. You bask in the beauty of the world, but when you lay down to rest, you do not see the same in yourself. You look beside you, in your surrender to the spell of dreams, and find no one there, and with the peace of a swansong, that one song sung only before they die, you sing yourself to sleep."
"Your eyes are beautiful, but they are sad."


  1. Grabe I got you Spiral. Ang lungkot ... in a quiet way. You okay?

    What you wrote was beautiful. I love the use of repetition; you repeat while adding more. I think this is one of your best work; where thoughts and emotions are clearly distilled.

    They say most of our best writings happen at the worst times of our lives. How ironic.


  2. Hey there, Kane. :)

    Thanks for the kind words. A friend told me he considers this my best work, and called it a 'sunset,' Brine Dreams, on the other hand, he calls a 'river' and my other best work. I guess I like laying down and reinforcing my thoughts with imagery - it becomes easier to communicate the impetus that way. :)

    And as for the best writings during our worst, I think it's because it's basically the one thread we're clinging on to that's not there at first. It's something we made ourselves to save, or damn, ourselves. It is indeed ironic, but that's how it works, doesn't it? We just have to roll with the blows and learn and make beautiful things out of them. :)

    Thanks, K.