Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time Warp I

I've trained my photo-stalking prowess since high school.

And I was dead serious when I said I loved older men.

Dear rock, where are you? I need to crawl under you now.


  1. Siya yung idol ko po sa Hairstory Lesson na entry ko, kuya Mugs. :)

  2. if that guy is older, you must be very very young spiral!

  3. this was taken several years ago po, kuya sean. and don't let him deceive you. he's older than he looks. interestingly, right now, he looks younger than he does in the pic. hahahaha


    I like to think that I look veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery young. hahaha.

    sige na, pagbigyan mo na ako!

  4. I remember someone same with you... with paparazzi tendency. The thing is his style in stalking is he'll get a picture of someone right in front of that someone's face.

  5. hahaha! you are young. and you look veeeerrry young :)

  6. Xall: I know someone just like that, too! Hahahaha. I just prefer to be subtle. ;)

    And Kuya Sean, naman, I prefer to look youthful! At least parang may pagkamature kuno! haha