Sunday, June 26, 2011


Love me like the pale salmon dawn,
be my beginning's air-embrace.
Love me like the morning chance
to hear your laughter's bird-song.
Love the fullness of my being's day,
be the shade in my noon-tide's heat.
Love the songs of my afternoon's  sloth,
be joy; be the comfort in my waning.
Love my dusk in its melancholy,
be the subtle grace in my failing.
Love the pitch of my night's defeat,
be hope, be contentment's starlight.
Love me as I am, as You are,
We are tomorrow's silent promise.


  1. whew! touching the cheesyness in me. Nice! ;D

  2. lovely and beautiful.

    on a lighter note, perfect for a Sunday morning after a week long of raining.