Sunday, June 19, 2011


Share a random fact Sunday:

I am afraid that I am too self-centered at times. I try to crush the need to get approval because of the people who'd look at me and say bata pa talaga in a condescending manner.

I am always infuriated by these types.

It's funny how 'adults' forget they were once like I am. It's even funnier how they claim to have some semblance of control over their lives and yet the mistakes and the mess they make have a potential to destroy lives, or mar them forever. The funniest thing is the way they look at you and say that one day, you'd understand and yet they blindly grope around their own lives, which is still a mystery to them.

Perhaps they meant that one day, I'd understand that life doesn't always stay the same. Paradigms shift. One good turn may birth an ill other, or the other way around; or a better one yet.

Silly adults, don't go teaching the wrong things and giving the wrong impression to fawns of the generation. Say rather that life is volatile. Unpredictable. What is right may not always be the best. What is wrong may feel safer. One thing can be another to different person. Mistakes happen but they do not mean the end of things, but(yes, stress out this conjunction), they may spell a lasting change to everyone involved.

Logic doesn't always churn out the best outcomes. The brain is not perfect. Animals other than humans can think after all. What we claim that sets us apart from our touted intelligence is our ability to empathize. To feel. While this is true, we forget one crucial thing: our conscience.

An old Disney movie put it quite right:

Let your conscience be your guide.

So yeah, just let us be. We might be blind to what you know, or what you claim to know now, but if it's a fundamental truth to life, then we are bound to know it one day. Let us hack and slash our way through the thicket. Let us forge our own paths. That is not to say that we are entitled to what you call mopy-emo spells. This to assert the fact that we are entitled to learn from our own experience. It is, after all, the whole lot of middle that we have between birth and death. Do not force us to go this way and that. Stay rather behind us as we cut through the wilderness. We are not too ignorant to realize, in our own time, that we are lost, after all. Should that time come, tap our shoulder, smile, and give us a clue, and a reminder, that you are a few steps behind; that we are not alone. Life was not meant to be lived alone, after all. Let us not become so lost and stagnate, only to forget that we have the means to forge a way out.

Life is too beautiful for any of us to become too jaded to live it through.


  1. I can feel suppressed rage. I can't tell if it's coming from this entry or from within.

  2. I am tempted to reply. I'll just post it in my blog when I get the chance to find the right song to accompany my response. hehehe.