Wednesday, June 29, 2011


a thousand miles separate us,
hardly a stretch on Gaia's face,
yet enough to strike us,
our heartstrings

a thousand miles separate us,
I bridge that with a thought
and that is enough,
our hearts entwine

a thousand miles of space,
I miss your voice, your face
your song plays,
in refrain for days
my heart is comforted

a thousand miles of air,
I shall fly, if I must, but,
you asked for peace
and so I shall wait

a thousand miles of water,
the brine and spray are mementos
they remind me of you
your laughter is as tinkling coral

a thousand miles,
I abide: I shall wait,
in time we shall bridge that
with a thousand smiles again


  1. miles:smile - is this what you call a palindrome? i love how you turned this around, from distanced by miles that is then bridged with smiles.

  2. well, it might seem one, but it's not kuya. I just liked how one can be derived off the other. kakatuwa. it's a mantra i've decided to keep just recently. :)