Sunday, June 5, 2011


Being open-minded and open-hearted is a work in progress. I understand that, but sometimes, I sorely wish I am able to let go of all my rules and restrictions and just be free. I'd like to be utterly selfish for once in my life. Up until now, most of the rules and restrictions I placed upon myself were to 'protect' those around me, anyway, especially from their own ignorance and close-mindedness, among other things. Given all the years I've endured, I'd like to think I have at least achieved some semblance of right to be selfish for a span of time. My patience is finite and I'd love to be at ease, too. I need these things lest I break, figuratively and literally.

For once, I'd like to do all the taking and all the asking. Being the one who always attempts to understand and empathize is over-rated, anyway, regardless of the many romanticisms that have been written down.

I want to be the villain.

Give me the chance to be selfish.


  1. learn to balance on the tightrope. it's hard, but being the smart guy you are, you'll figure it out. ;)

  2. Its about time to show your real intents.

    PS. I followed him na. :)

  3. I've been through this stage also. Just do what you think is right.