Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I met Dorothy a few months earlier, and she seemed quite friendly. She was bubbly and was such a sweet lass. We were introduced to each other by a common friend, who thought it good that we both meet. I enjoyed her company, and I like to think that she enjoyed mine.

We used to talk a lot about anything under the sun - art, books, people, places and dreams. She would rouse me in the morning, ask me if I ate my lunch at noon, and waited patiently in the evening for our usual conversations on facebook.

We clicked.

I thought and hoped that she would eventually become a good friend in Cebu, not unlike those I had in Bohol. She was so alike with her, that I half-expected her to become someone similar - a kindred soul. In several extents,I was right, but I was mostly mistaken.

Her silence was abrupt, and the cold shoulder chilling. No reason was given, why she spirited the warmth away. I'd have thought that given the many times I went through that, I'd get used to it by then. I was wrong, as I always was in the matters of kinship. I was in denial, as I am wont at first, but the truth can be suffocating - you either take it in or you suffer.

Imagine my surprise, and vexation, when a few months later, when I thought I had finally gotten over the failed friendship, she initiates contact as if it was like yesterday when we last spoke.

Hi, Spiral! How are you?
I haven't heard from you in months!

Hello, Dorothy.
I'm both surprised and happy to talk to you again.
I'm doing well - a few complaints here and there,
but you know me: I try to manage.
How are you? It's so good to hear from you!
How was the book? Did you finish it?

Oh, good to hear!

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I need your help!
Please help me win.


  1. User friendly amp. Sorry kid, not worth your friendship.

  2. kabwisit friend. haha. agree with mugen, ang user friendly nya.

  3. She didn't even answered you're only question!! I bet copy paste pa yung last message niya on wanting to get many likes.

    Don't expect more from her. But still, benefit of the doubt...

  4. you know what's worse than this? classmates whom you haven't heard from since high school eagerly trying to set up a merienda with you to catch up. then they'll entrap you in an insurance or networking sales pitch...