Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brine Dreams

When I think of the sea, I think of you. The salt in the breeze; the salt in the spray; the salt upon the broken coral-shells; the salt in the foam; the salt in the sand; the salt that's yet to be - they all remind me of you. The golden sun as bright as your soul, and the wispy, dreamy, airy clouds as whimsical and as delightful as your fancies. The seaside symphony's rush as mellifluous as your laughter, the distant thunder as booming as your voice, the gentle wave-hiss and wind-howl as rich as your song.

The white sand-blanket as refined as you are, and as rough, as brusque, as alluring. Let me build my dreams around and with you. Let my fears and insecurities be worn by your ways, as you do, as you are. I float upon the sea and you are the bright moon lording over the dark star-less sky, tinting a beautiful mauve my many flaws. I float upon the sea and you are the starry sky frosted with diamond dust, as fair as you can possibly be.

The sea-folk sing songs of and to you, they love you, as do I. Grey clouds may swirl above and about, while thunder-drums beat and rave as lightning-veins web across the sky, but be still my heart, my beloved, my love. I am the storm-borne prince upon and within the eye. I may rage, as how most see it, save you, but you shall rein me and my winds and my thunder and my lightning in. I abide, because I love you. 

You are my peace.

When I think of the sea, I think of you.
The sea-folk sing songs of and to you, they love you, as do I.


  1. You have a way with tropes. The visual character of your description as palpable as the emotionality of the prose, pregnant and pleading, empathy-inducing and utterly transportive.

  2. this is just beautiful, sp. beautiful.

  3. ang sarap basahin ng paulit ulit... paulit ulit

  4. the best post that ive read for the first half of 2011.

    clap, clap, clap...

  5. can I just say ditto to the comment of red the mod hehehe. there is no way I am posting something else after that. but yes, this is indeed special dodong. nice nice nice.

  6. Nosebleed. Jejeje. But brilliant.

  7. Thanks, everyone. :) This was written when I was sleep-deprived. I meant to write something else, but a sudden rush of feelings compelled me to write this down. This was mainly written for a cathartic release, and I'm glad that you can feel what feeling there is to be felt, and got transported to that happy place beside the sea and under the sun-sky and night-dome.

    Thank you, red, for allowing me to see this in a different light. I guess I feel most at home when I write this way, when feelings and sights and sounds are interwoven together, otherwise I get very...wordy. Tropes allow me to say the many things my usually over-analytic self wants to say.

    Thank you, kuya sean. Thank you. Can I just say that you're an influence when it comes to attempts at writing vignettes and quasi-vignettes. Gaya-gaya lang kasi nakaka-inspire yung istilo mo. Hahahaha.:)

    Hinay hinay lang sa pagbasa ng paulit-ulit, YJ! :p

    Thank you for calling this my best work so far, geek, and for sharing it to twitter, too. I wasn't expecting that. :)

    Thank you, wufwuf, especially for earlier. I needed that. Thanks for supporting me and and iring. :)

    Ano namang nakaka-nosebleed dito, midnight? :p Kaw naman. hahaha. Salamat!

  8. Have you read J. Neil Garcia's poem Gift 2?