Saturday, June 11, 2011

Art Stuff

An epiphany came to me yesterday afternoon as I was making my way to the internet cafe. I realized what I wanted to accomplish with all the art things that I do. It has been bothering me for quite a time now.

Whenever I go through all the delightful works at deviantart or elsewhere, I would always be at a loss for words. I have always wondered what drove all those deviants to continue doing what they were doing in the name of art, especially the ones who seemed to be churning out their works non-stop.

One good thing is that the deviantart community is one forged from strong ties among deviants all over the world. Racial uniqueness does not serve to divide people at all. If anything it allows for a more interesting interaction and cooperation. You see the well-known deviants reach out to help those who are in need: fellow deviants and non-deviants alike.

I recall seeing a few months ago a relatively new and young deviant who offered to do commissions to help save for her father who had cancer. She was eleven. Another deviant, who was well-known for her detailed watercolor and color pencil works has a special section, much like a blogger widget, on her deviantart page called "Artists for Artists" with links to artists who needed help. The eleven year-old deviant was one of them, along with a lot of other artists who needed help paying their rent or studies; those who needed to help save for sick loved ones; those who were kicked out of their homes and are attempting to start again.

Art has become a way of life that empowers these deviants to reach out and help, aside from sharing their own works and takes on the many wonders of the world. It has never ceased to amaze me. In the same vein, it has made me question myself: what drives you, Spiral? Why do you do what you do? Why do you constantly seek to become better? Why do you share what you do, despite the many flaws in them?

I have but one answer to these questions, one that I am quite sure of. Perhaps it will get expounded or compounded or trimmed down in time, but I am quite happy with what I as of the moment.

I want to transport people into moments of quiet serenity sundered from time and space, to share to them the beauty I see in the world.


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