Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Transcript VI: Progenitor and Son

You wouldn't open the door for me?


Ma, he's here.


Auntie, he's here in the boarding house.
Mama wouldn't answer the phone.



He's with you?

No. He's outside the front door.

I'm the only one around.

Why is he there?

I don't know.
He just stared at me for over ten seconds, before I closed the door on him.

Does your mother know?

No. She answered neither my calls or texts.
What should I do?

You should talk to him.
Ask him what he wants.
He is your father after all.

No. He stopped being a father three years ago.
The Pauper doth spake truth, doth I not, Prince?

Wait, he just left.


I saw him leave through my blinds.

Ah, well.
Don't let things get to you, alright?

I won't.

Things will fall into place, don't worry.

Things have been falling into place, yeah.

Yeah.  Thanks, Auntie.

You're welcome.
Don't forget the verse you learned when you were little.

Bye. Thanks, again.


He's still your father, Spiral.
You should at least talk to him.
Tell him everything you feel.

What for, Ma?

He's still your father.
You can never change that, despite what he did.

Yeah. Like he can't change how he left us to dust and rot.
Where was he over the past few months?
He wasn't there when we had to endure each day.
He didn't help you look for food and living expenses, Ma.
He left us.

I know, but you still have to treat him as a person.

I didn't slam the door on him if that's what you're implying.

Right. Although that would've been vindicating.

That's good, son.
If he returns, give him a good piece of your mind.
That should teach him.

I will, Ma.


Train up a child in a way he should go
 so that when he is old,he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6 


  1. some of us go through such trials. be strong, mister prince

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  3. Hang in there....parents always do things to scar us, one way or another, intentionally or not. The trick is resiliency and trust in urself and that everything is gonna be fine, somehow. how are you, lil bro?

  4. Nangyari na rin 'to sa bahay namin. Hindi namin kayang papasukin si lolo dahil sa mga nagawa nya. Pero something I learned from it is that things will be okay in God's time. Kapag ready na ang both parties sa isang matinong usapan. Kaya mo yan kuya! :)

  5. you will be fine, mr spiral prince sir. you act way beyond your age (at times), so i'm certain that your plan, whatever it is, will do you good. but just the same, i wish you luck. hugs. :D

  6. Some people don't have the chance to even interact with their fathers. Take me as example.

  7. A father by birth right perhaps. But by leaving you... he's the first one to sever the ties.

  8. I will hold my tongue and invoke my right so self-incrimination. But know that I fully sympathize with you Mister Prince.

  9. Some endlessly seek their father‘s presence. Some had forever lost their father. If you resent your father more than anything else, take your time to forgive. Lalo na if he has will to change, second chances may be rough but still rewarding.