Thursday, May 5, 2011

Three Six Twelve One

You are the moon, silver and radiant,
waxing and waning with the seasons.

You are Sirius, ardent sky-beacon,
fire-glitter within the cosmic dream.

You are the sun: life-warm, gold-bright.
Light-pulse of the waiting world asleep.

You are the night in all its beauty.
You are the day in all its glory.

You are the dusk, with its mauve-allure,
the purple-gray bridge of light and dark.

You are the wind, breeze-soft and gale-strong,
free-wanderer of secret sky-paths.

You are the sentinel tree: robust,
shelter-home and dwelling-shade of fae.

You are the rain I'm merry under,
tracing designs on my face, my lips.

You are the winged pine seed aflutter,
promise bearer of life's miracles.

You are the unseen guide-path, taking me
to secret places in strange spaces.

You are the sea-salt upon my tongue,
teaching tastes I never knew there were.

You are the sweet smile upon our lips,
love's bliss-curves on hope's mortal face-planes.


Smile, the world is beautiful.
Relax, everything will fall in place.


  1. This caught me: "You are Sirius, ardent sky-beacon,fire-glitter within the cosmic dream."

  2. you are the sudden rain,
    crying in the middle of summer.

  3. Heart-warming...Nice poem...Keep it up! :)