Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dream Time

The rain rendered the television mute, or perhaps it deafened me, as all I could see were faces whose laughter and voices were the outpouring of the storm.

I resolved to surpass the unforeseen obstacle, and reached for the remote, but the animated stars in the box flickered before my window to distant dreams and places dissolved to pitch. I stared at the silver screen which now read, " No Signal Detected." I inferred that satellite tv wasn't all the couch potato glitz and glamour that it promised. It was at the mercy of the weather and its channels were few in number. They were so sparse, that I managed to count all of them well over five times. It was not so bad, really, but the pool of 30 choices did pale in comparison to the one at home, whose limit was still a mystery to me since my favorites(all eight of them) were below 52.

The limited selection did teach me a few things: 1.) Osama Bin Laden is dead, 2.) I could stand a news channel for a good five minutes, provided that what they're talking about is interesting, and 3.) being a VJ could be potentially fun, at least joining a  tv search for a new VJ could be. What's funny is the extent with which the tangled weave of dreams, and goals, and time can tangle and warp itself more. I first heard of Osama Bin Laden a decade ago, when both Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam swore to extract justice after the Lady's rape. I haven't watched, or at least paid proper attention, to a news channel for a few years already. I haven't thought of being a VJ before, but a ten-minute exposure to a teaser for a VJ search did its job well. I suppose I shall make it a goal to join a search, or at least daydream about it. It could catapult me into my first(and most likely last) appearance on television in a show from a channel less than half of the populace might actually watch. Still, things could prove to be fun, in reality or in dreams.

Goals are a matter of effort and time, after all.


  1. knowing what you want and the determination to accomplish it: you're halfway there. meeyaw.

  2. Hi kitty alter! Meeyaw!

    It does make a difference when we know what we want in life, diba? It becomes a matter of patience, perseverance, effort, and faith.

  3. I used to practice VJ-ing at home.

  4. Thanks, green.

    At sampol naman jan, glentot!