Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dawn Ramble-slash-Brain Fart XII


I realized one of my greatest dreams is this:

at fifty and beyond, I want to look eighteen, even twenty will do.


Now Commissioning Artists for The Picture of Dorian Gray Spiral Prince.
Where is that rock? I need to curl under it now.


  1. Another Dorian Gray in the making, eh?

    Ah yes, aren't we just so afraid to lose youth and what it accompanies?


  2. And who knows, by that time they have discovered the ways to make people look very young!

  3. Die young and you'l have that face that time cannot age.

  4. guyrony: yeah. :3

    mugen: By that time, I'd look old already. They better come up with a way to reverse aging! haha

    incursionist: But I'd wither then. The whole point was self-preservation! hahaha