Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This is dedicated to all the friendly ghosts. Those who used to grace my phone, my ideas,  and my life, with their endearing presence during our conversations, and hopefully, I did the same for them, too, in my turn. Those whose entirety is but a memory now - something I come back to from the lonely corners between my drab walls during the quiet hours in the afternoon, and the melancholic ones at dawn, something I long to grasp, to bask in again, but cannot. Not yet, I hope. They have lives now, I know. A greeting every now and then would've brightened me up. They should've known this. The pace of the developing and competitive places of the world is a perilous foe - one who has stolen friends from me. And there is one, too, that I am wary of: a fulfillment in my friends' lives that leaves no room for friends. 

Still, I write my longing as bluntly as I can, without all the bitterness, too:

Come back. You are sorely missed.


  1. In a different world, in a reality devoid of what we inhabit, they never left. But wouldn't that be less meaningful? Our history is the ghost that haunts us most. Perseverant and unrelenting. Because the spell it casts is fortified by the present; and all the fears, anxieties and hesitations it includes.

    We never really are with anyone, we merely borrow time with them from fate. But that, in itself, isn't so bad. We will always have the memories. Sometimes, surprisingly, that suffices.

  2. Hello.. tungkol ba sa friends toh? Ghost? mga di na nagparamdam? Friends just really come and go..minsan meron pa nga tayong friends na one time super duper close natin sabay next year halos di natin makausap... just always keep a few friends.. those who are true :)

  3. those true friends always get in touch with you..

  4. Sad... I guess it's inevitable. We all have to live our own lives at one point or another.

    "It is only solitude that dissolves that thick cloak of shame that isolates us from one another; only in solitude do we find ourselves; and in finding ourselves, we find in ourselves all our brothers in solitude. Solitude unites us, believe me, just as much as society separates us..."

    -Miguel de Unamuno, Solitude

    I'm sure you are sorely missed by them too Spiral Prince.

    Smile. :)

  5. put yourself in the shoes of your ghosts, surely, that will make a big difference...


  6. desperate houseboy: Nah. I got it out of my system na. :) Di na masyadong malungkot.

    red the mod: yet sometimes, I can't help but be selfish. Or at least, my thirst has not been sated yet, how can it when something so rare is so fleeting, too. I try to restrain this selfishness, and I usually I succeed, at the expense of my mindset.I'm just glad to get this out of my system! :D

    kamila: that's the funny thing with friends, isn't it? if you're really friends, every time you get together, parang di kayo nagkalayo. hahaha. nakakamiss lang talaga minsan.

    emmanuel: i wouldn't say always. i'd like to think the true ones are those who come back at all the right times, despite their absence. ;)

    deus ex machina: Thanks for sharing that. :) And I hope so, too. I really hope so. :)

    geek: i try to, but I can't help but be selfish! :)) And yeah, while I understand, I can't help but get butt-hurt a bit.

    claudiopaoi: why the thin lips?!

  7. ...And just like that, I realized that I've been ghost to many, including the blogosphere.

  8. Ryan: Maybe it's time to spook people!