Wednesday, March 2, 2011


"What about us?"  


"What about it?"  


"Will you leave us all behind? Will you vanish without a trace?"   


"Of course not. What makes you think that?"  

Allegro Non Troppo.

"Nothing. I just thought you would disappear. You better keep your word."  

Tempo Primo.

You glance at the friend walking just a few steps ahead all of you, and marveled at his concern and surprising show of shrewdness. You chide yourself. He is, after all, not dull. In fact, your plans, should things go worse, were laid bare before him first. The second person to know, the first being you. You've always known how you two had the ability to resonate within the same wavelengths. You look back to the first few months of your freshman year and recall how you realized then that he could empathize with you. You were two notes bridged by a tie within the harmonic chaos of a measure. 

It's always rare to find an empath for another empath.

Hours trickle away like seconds and stories are woven seamlessly when kindred spirits sing together, until both time and space are together sundered from the momentary solace brought to being, where and when everything is just is.

You look to night sky, and to the few stars that outshine the light of the city as you all walk your separate paths home.

"Thank you for the friends you brought my way."



A nod to the serenity in Glass.


  1. I apologize if you guys had to google the terms. -_- I lapsed back to my musically inclined days. :) Blame Beethoven for that!

  2. ha! its alright

    -your brother in music here ;)

  3. heh, you would know more than me i'm sure - i can't really claim to be that immersed in music. not anymore. but it would be good to try and get back. i should write about that time in my past sometime. :)