Saturday, March 26, 2011

Art Challenge: Week II

I finally finished her! I initially didn't plan to color her using color pencils, but when I was about to shade her using pencils, I changed my mind. The last time I can say I did something relatively good using color pencils was 7 years ago, during my last year in elementary.

This is the table I use when I draw. It usually isn't cluttered, but when I work, creative chaos happens. This is how it looks like after I draw. Haha. Also, the sketches on the brown envelope were done when I went for my job interview last Thursday. At least it gave me something to do while all the other friendlier applicants chatted together as if they were friends for years. All hail the socially awkward me.


  1. ngayon lang ako napasyal sa blog mo.. thanks for following my blog.. i'll follow you also.

  2. Nice artwork! Eyes are so ferosh.

    Job interview? Wow, good luck. ;)

  3. super nice.. one of my frostration... eghegge

  4. kuya fox: thanks for visiting and following me. :) I've been a ghost follower of your blog, pasensya, nakakahiya minsan mag comment...

    ronnie, japadobo, musingan: thank you!