Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Art Challenge: Revival

I know this is very late, but, given what I recently went through, I hope I am forgiven!

Current Work-in-progress: Female Face, something I drew from imagination.
I'm trying really hard to be better with realistic

Robert Patinson - When I finished this, I was sure I didn't quite capture him as I intended.
He looks more like Brad Pitt to me, I mean, look at his eyes - those look more like Pitt than Patinson, to me. I was glad a friend recognized him, too.

This was supposed to be a crystal being - something which I've been staying away from drawing.I'm not confident with drawing crystalline things at all. I guess this is okay as a first, anyway.I was also experimenting with perspective and proportion here.

Dream Pyre -I had dreams of houses on fire for a few days about a week or so ago.
It was disturbing, given my past experiences with dreams coming true.
I called this Dream Pyre because it's basically what is happening - homes and dreams burned in a fire.

Red Riding Hood, Japan, and Tangled influenced this experimental drawing. I only used watercolors for all but the girl with red hair. I used colored-pencils for her. Again, this is random.

I used a reference to draw this one. Somewhere along the way, I messed up, obviously, and got discouraged and annoyed and this was the result.

Cocoon - I drew this for two hours last Sunday dawn. It was fun to draw her! I drew her from my imagination.I still have trouble with drawing mouths. Bah.


  1. wow ang galing!!! hilig ko din ang mgdrwing!!!!
    husay...gusto ko ung...ung...ano...ermmm...lahat! jajaja...

  2. nice drawing you have... keep up the good works..

  3. Ang ganda naman. favorite ko yung huli.

  4. the second to the last is really good... your Robert though looks like one of the Baldwin brothers.... i just can't remember which one hahahaha

  5. thanks everyone! :)

    yj: the second to the last is a real mess! hahaha, the proportions are off. look at how the eyes aren't aligned, the same goes for the nose and the lips! it's frustrating and annoying and funny at the same time. I googled images of the Baldwin brothers and I think he does look like one of them. I just suck at capturing the character of the people I draw. I want to get over it ASAP! :d

  6. desperate house boy: favorite ko dun yung huli! i might add more things into that one if i have the time! :D

  7. all the things that you mentioned about my favorite drawing are the things that give it a more uhmmmm artsy feel... :))

  8. My favorite is that girl with the headphones, drooling... Or is that really drool?

  9. glentot: it's supposed to be the headphones' wire! :))