Saturday, March 5, 2011


You could not comprehend it, why things oft turn this way. At least now, that you should lose control and suffer the bonds of restraint broken is still a possibility, albeit one that looms close by. Much too close for both your liking and your confidence. 

This must be how God feels: constantly disappointed. For all the beauty and wonder in all creation, humans fail to make the cut. Though admittedly, there are a few who transcend above what the rest cannot, but that is the point: they are few and they are rare. Even God Himself could not have expected to look at one corner of the world and see one of them. History tells how the supposed advantage of sentience has only been misused and has woven tangled and incoherent chaos instead of harmony.

You contemplate this revelation in silence. What invincible security you have made for yourself now has a lynchpin. That was not the plan. The security was intended to merely just be. That there should be no tangible part that held everything together - which, ironically, is both the strongest and the weakest point in your defence. 

This was not meant to be. Not meant to be at all.

Music can draw beasts to sleep, or wake them. Great fables tell how strongholds fell victim to mystique, of how strength is rendered wholly inconsequential in the face of majesty. Once again, you find yourself pitted against them whose works gray the boundaries of guile and veracity. You wonder how silence can be both your sanctum and your torture chamber. In it, there is peace, however, there is peaceful longing, too. The longing threatens to consume your entirety.

Sometimes, you wish real hard for music to finally overwhelm the silence.


  1. I wanna be silent.. and listen to music all the way..

  2. Everyone wants to have music in their lives, but at some point we would want to have a few moments of silences to allow us to reflect on some past deeds. Nice post, by the way. :)