Sunday, February 13, 2011

Watercolor Challenge: Week III and IV

Reversed - 2/4/2011

This is quite late, since I just found a shop here in Talamban which had a scanner. Anyway, the idea behind this piece was something that came to me during the wee hours of the morning. Without warning, I just asked what if our situation was reversed: that Nature should live off our life energies instead. Maybe then we'd understand the harsh realities of our own crimes against the world that sustains us.

I wasn't able to put in more details because the paper started to pulp after the third layer of color. I have to find papers more suitable for this medium when this sketchpad gets filled, but I'll do what best I can do right now!  

Return -2/10/2011

Though not really a watercolor piece, I did this for Week 4. I might as well rename the entire challenge to Art Challenge instead. I'll do that for this week. I want to hone my skills with as many mediums as I am comfortable with(and maybe when I feel daring enough those I'm uncomfortable with, too). I still have a lot to improve(especially when it comes to monochromatic shading and backgrounds, mhrrr, backgrounds), and I hope that this challenge will help me. As for the piece's name, I called it Return because this is basically a return to more serious pencil drawings, not just the usual manga and random doodles. The reference I used for this drawing is this one:

Clearly my version is a far-cry from the original, nevertheless, I'm happy with what I came up with. It's better than my previous pencil attempts. I do apologize if I forgot the name of deviantart artist who took this photo, somehow the filename got changed when I saved it. I'll try to find the artist over the week. I do have a hunch that it might be Lina Tesch's work. Please visit her blog! She's an amazing photographer, and I've only dared to comment once on her blog. If I muster enough courage, I'll try to show her what appreciation humble me has.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!


Now that the reference and the product are close to each other, I feel really awkward posting this, but what the heck. I swear I'll try to improve!

I realized I got a few things(especially the details) off. This is because I had the picture printed as a reference. I miss you, Q.


  1. Nice... very artistic... and the message is very clear...

  2. Hey! Spiral nice! Try and try lang if it is your passion to draw, paint or whatever... practice makes perfect. I for once want to be a painter.. anyhoo.. i wasn't but my boyfriend is. He's a fine art student.. and you'll get better on that... actually if you wanna paint can try buying oil paints... and canvas.. kahhit kacha lang ng harina pwede na..then gawa ka frame na kakapitan nung canvas.

    You can also use acrylic.. but it dries faster than oil paints.. hard to redo kapag nagkamali ka.. and sa drawing pencil.. go lang ng go.. mapapansin mo na may magbabago talaga sa mga previous drawing mo at recent... have fun..!

  3. musingan: thank you!

    emmanuelmateo: thank you, belated happy hearts' day, too.

    kamila: I'll try that one of these days. Pag may space na sa room ko sa boarding house, oils and acrylics can be messy, at ang mahal ng linseed! yep, mag pa-practis lang talaga ako nang mag mag-praktis. kaya to! aja!

  4. Amazed ako sa watercolors... I know how a drop of water can ruin the whole picture... Pero mas amazed ako sa pencil sketches... mahirap controlin yung shades... so kudos to you.

  5. thank you glentot! happy valentines day!