Tuesday, February 8, 2011

UP OtakuFest 4.0

A gathering of a lot of people with similar interests is always, always, always exciting and fun. Need I describe the happiness wavelength of the people last Saturday?!

Okay, Cebu. One more reason to like you. Because I'll make it a point to come back next year. Will I dare to come in costume?! We'll see!

Photo credits goes to the many Otakus on Facebook. More power!


  1. yep! immersive ang environment that time! nagkabuhay lang naman ang mga anime/game characters!

  2. haha. i know some of the people here. some of them are high schoolers from hijas. anyway, niapil pud ka sa activity? :)

  3. is that a school? and nope, hing-tan-aw ra ko nila! :D

  4. yes, sacred heart high school for girls (ang hijas). some of them i met recently lang.

    anyway, i thought ikaw nang kick-ass, sword-wielding dude sa last pic. :)

  5. this is one think I'm going to do before i die.haha!