Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I noticed a lot of talk lately about this Risq event, but being marginally uninterested in events like that, I didn't give it much thought. Until today, that is. An alumni who was Mikee's batchmate posted a link on Facebook and I was really surprised when I saw Mikee there. No, we're not close. Mikee is just one of the more well-known alumnis from their batch, aptly named 'The Rebel Batch' or just plain Batch 2, especially during the last alumni homecoming, where they performed a particularly fun batch presentation, but I digress.

Anyway, a lot of my posts talk about high school - I still have the hang-over, and I think I will still have it for the foreseeable future. This is also one reason why I'm sharing this here, besides the belief in Mikee's talents(which a lot of our Scihi folk talk about) - I'm all for the Scihi Alumni and Scihi Unity Powarz. So yeah, there we go, God Bless, Mikee!

This is my shameless plug for your votes, by the way. 
Who says the Spiral Prince can't be sneaky?!


  1. Nothing wrong with talking about high school. Lots of lessons to be learned there, at least from this side of life. :-)

  2. hi im new in your site.

    followed you na. Hope u'l follow me too :)


  3. This is true. It's the best part of my life so far!

    Thanks for visiting, Fickle Cattle!

  4. err, welcome and alright, Pluripotent Nurse!