Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Mapagmahal Blog Awards

Kamila, of Road to Kill with Kamil, recently concluded her 'Mapagmahal Blog Awards' in celebration of Valentines Day. I did not post about my contention there here, though, because I'm plain shy. I entered two of my posts to her contest: Glass, which I think is still my most personal, if not overall best, work, and Existence, a poem I wrote for an unrequited high-school love during the summer prior to my Freshman year in College. If I ever run out of things to write, I might dissect Glass paragraph-per-paragraph, but meh, I think that would mar one of its best(at least to me) points. I will tell this much: it presents an all-encompassing truth about me in a way that, to me, is both elusive and blunt, maybe because Glass is a work which reeks of Existentialism(in its broadest sense) the most? I digress.

I'd like to thank Kamila, for giving me a chance to share my take on love this Valentines season! Whoever judged the entries, thank you, too! I do apologize for bombarding you guys with my elusive analogies and metaphors. I do like my way with them - it's how I explain things best, I think.

In Kamila's words and work, here are the badges I got ( woot woot! Also, I will try to translate it in the best way I can, too):
Nakakadugo Blog Award -- Spiral Prince for Glass
Lahat ng hurado ay nagkaroon ng iisang commento sa entry na ito at alam mo na kung ano yun.
(Nosebleed-inducing Blog Award) -- Spiral Prince for Glass
(All judges have a common comment about this entry, and I know you know what that is)

 (Again, sorry! :p)

Pantastiko Blog Award -- Spiral Prince for Existence
Ang mga entry na ito ay mga entry na simple ngunit may dating para sa mga hurado.
Fantastic-o Blog Award -- Spiral Prince for Existence
These entries(there were more than one entries that got this award) were simple but had quite an effect on the judges)

Top 4 -- Spiral Prince for Glass
Mga entry na pare-parehong may score na: 30
(Entries(there were more than one which ranked 4th) that got a score of 30)

Top 1 -- Spiral Prince for Existence

Mga entry na pare-parehong may score na: 33
(Entries(there were more than one which ranked 1st) that got a score of 33)

Now, Kamila has been quite naughty and hasn't named the blogger and entry who won this:

Yes, that's the badge the Ultimate Winner gets, among other things, the complete list of which is found here.Kamila is most likely to name the winner tomorrow, me thinks!



  1. congrats! i'm a silent fan of yours

  2. Nah, DB's not a silent fan. He's been raving about your blog in Twitter. Haha.

    Congrats Spiral. I read through all of the entries, by the way. If I were the judge, "Glass" would have been the ultimate winner.

  3. Desole Boy: Wow. Just WOW. Thank you! :D

    Nishiboy: Is that so?! So that's where the twitter traffic came from!(tenkyu tenkyu DB!) And awww, thank you! Still, I'm content with how things turned out! :D Congratulations din sa yo!

  4. If Desole Boy and Nishiboy didn't rave about you, I won't find myself here, raving at your words as well.

    For the time being, I'd like to call myself Mugenboy! Wait until RedtheMod discovers your blog. Makuwento nga kita! Wahahaha.

  5. Wow, welcome to my blog, Mugenboy! Can I keep calling you that forever?! Thank you for your kind words! Finding RedtheMod's blog shall be my assignment this week, I believe. I think I'll find a lot of good things to read there, too!

  6. Ngayon ko lang narealize na ang dami mo palang nahakot! Ay... nakakahiya naman tagalog comment ko ehehehe... :)

    Pero anyway.. pure honesty.. nahirapan din ako basahin yung first entry mo.. but then nagustuhan ko yung second...

    and I think.. gusto ko din mga sinusulat mo dito sa blog mo... kahit di ako ganun kalalim na tao. :)

    Thank you so much naapreciate mo..yaan mo sa susunod na magcomment ako dito.. english na response ko sayo :)

  7. another silent faan... :)

    keep them coming!

  8. Kamila: Wag kang mahiya! :D Ok lang mag comment ka gamit ang tagalog. Maraming salamat din sa opportunity ha? Di ko yun makakalimutan, peks man! :D

    Ewik: hehe, thanks for the support! I still blame you for the effective lay-out change! :p I do hope I can keep writing. :p And keep your posts*coughhiritscough* coming, too!