Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dawn Ramble: Sobriety and Inebration

We were puzzle pieces that fit, really, but we painted different pictures. Now that I think about it, you were an eagle in your eyrie. I was a vulture fascinated with carrion. You were lofty. You were proud. In your own way, you were kind. You were the king of the sky, and although I could comprehend the heights that were a part of your existence, these things did not govern me. I flew on thermal currents in spiraling ascents and descents. You saw far and wide and understood things I saw in passing. Having then the more constant higher vantage, you were easy to be mistaken as cynical. Being involved with the art of fiddling with carrion, I was easily branded as disorderly, weather-minded, graceless.

Chance it was that we met halfway, upon a lone tree above the clouds. Call me sentimental, but wasn't it like yin and yang back then? We complemented each other, but we weren't really meant to be parts of a whole. I dunno, it was a mutual coexistence, but it just wasn't it.

After all this time, you still hold a special place in my heart. I still get awkward around you, but what the heck. Thank you, I guess. For opening up to me. For reaching out. For making me feel happy. For the radical views, which were endearing as much as they were eye-opening. For all the little things.
"I rarely open up to people, and so most of them think I'm a snob, which I partially am, but you have to understand that I'm just shy."

Sometimes I dislike getting sentimental thoughts at dawn, but what the heck.


  1. Hello! Sorry kung nahihirapan ako maintindihan yung mga post mo..mababaw lang akong tao. May mga tao lang sigurong dumadaan sa buhay natin para turuan tayo or may ipa-realize sa tin... tapos alis na din pagkatapos ng reason kung bakit sila dumating.. people come and go... and sorry kung sentimental ka ngayon.. at biglang iibahin ko ang sasabihin ko..

    uhmmmm.. THANK YOUU!!!!! kase sumali at nagparticipate ka sa kunya-kunyariang patimpalak ko. Hindi ka man nanalo.. may special award pa rin akong kinalat.. at binigyan kita.. sana magustuhan mo..

    THANK YOU ULIT! Super naapreciate ko!!! :)


  2. Hi Kamila! :D pasensya ka na rin kasi sa pagka OC ko eh mas trip kong hindi tuwirang sabihin ang gusto kong iparating. adik lang. hahahahaha. ewan ko, basta. yun ang istilo ko for now. hehe. hindi ka kaya mababaw, ako lang talaga ang maarte. hahaha. may mga tao talagang dadating sa buhay natin para turuan lang tayo, pagkatapos nun, aalis na sila, ako lang tong clingy.

    THANK YOU!!!!! rin kasi tinanggap mo ang ninja entry ko, hahahahaha, bigla nalang akong sumulpot sa blog mo. salamat din sa mga awards! nagustuhan ko yung mga yun, ilalagay ko din yun sa blog ko pagkatapos nito.