Friday, February 4, 2011

College Pep Talks

The moment you believe in dogma, you're allowing another person control your life. Physics gives you the means to seek reason.That is why it is such a liberating course.
                                                      -Sir Mario Tan
And this is one reason why I'll finish this damn course. This won't beat me. 
Yes. Even if I got a 3.1 because of my fail-lab reports. I still have to patch issues with me lecture class, too. 


  1. Because perseverance and a college degree will get you somewhere you have been dreaming of.

  2. i think the social sciences also do this. because you don't really need to subscribe to dogma. you can shatter it as well. :) and doing that can be fun and oh so liberating. good luck with skoooool! :)

  3. @guyrony: yes, yes, indeed. I just need to get into my head the dogma from the 3 Idiots: go to school to learn. :)

    @claudiopoi: yep. it is fun, sadly sociological and philosophical debates rely heavily on the ability of the arguing parties to see wider and understand eccentricities greater than normal. This is something hard to find. And thanks for the well wish!