Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I was supposed to write a sequel to 'The Grey Road', but I got devoured by the vacuum that is deviantart, having completed an artwork this afternoon. I'll post it as soon as I can, together with my entries for the watercolor challenge. 

Aaanyway, I'm proud and happy to announce that I and  a few friends will be playing Tekken this weekend! I just got hooked to Tekken recently, and I've a few funny anecdotes to share related to it.

I just watched the Tekken movie, too, which was okay. Nothing good, nothing bad, just okay.

Shoutout to gillboard, who plays Tekken, too!

Okay, I admit, it would have been better if She was there, but meh, she's still a good 5 games away!

I blame her for my addiction:

TEKKEN 6 - The Girls by *rOx-WINDy on deviantART

Alisa defeated. by *ringo-031 on deviantART


*deep contented sigh*

I just have this attachment to mysterious characters. I have this desire to know what's beneath their exterior. If I think of people like that, the thought just consumes me. It doesn't bother me at all. I just have this deep and perverse(?!) desire to empathize with them. I want to know their stories. Their sadness. Their pain. Their secret happiness. Argharwarrawrawrawr.


  1. It's nice to look at cosplayers who can pull off the look well. There are some who just really look like bankrupt whores... I see them in malls sometimes. I take their pictures, and they're so flattered. They have no idea...

  2. point taken, glentot. cosplaying requires a state of detachment from your real self, really. you have to get into character. to me, there are two types of cosplayers: those who get the look, and those get the look. it's a matter of internalization and execution. some of them tend to be content with looking the part that they forget to be the part. :D

  3. --on mood, upheaval etc...

    how did you know??? ang sharp ng senses mo ah hehe.

  4. asus, glentot, it's obvious(at least to me). I noticed this pattern while back reading, but I digress. I hazard the upheaval started during the later half of the first week of february? your post was serious, I can tell that much, despite being interspersed with your humor! ;)